Our team members are equipped with a variety of industry-recognized certifications and degrees

Success at Takver Corporation is a collective effort. Our collaborative culture empowers every member to contribute their unique skills and perspectives, fostering an environment where ideas flourish, and innovation thrives.

Our experts are at the forefront of industry trends. They analyze, strategize, and implement solutions that keep your company ahead of the curve, turning challenges into opportunities.

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Promise banks | web designer | team | creative director takver corporation | real estate consultant | web designer

Creative Director

Toyosi david-olaolu daniella | expert technical writer | photographer | takver corporation

Technical Writer/Photographer

Sylvester olawale ogunmoyin | ui/ux expert | takver corporation | design expert

Senior Product Desinger

Rachel irewunmi | business operations associate | customer support expert | takver corporation

Business Operations Associate

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Dedicated to understanding and exceeding client expectations, our experts are your partner on the journey to success. They are committed to building strong relationships, providing exceptional support, and ensuring that your experience with Takver Corporation is nothing short of outstanding.

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