Takver Corporation is devoted to delivering tailor-made web design and development solutions that authentically capture the distinctive character and style of our clients’ businesses. Recognizing the heightened significance of a standout website in today’s digital environment, we are dedicated to creating websites that not only boast visually stunning aesthetics but also effectively represent your brand, aiding you in accomplishing your business objectives. Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced web designers and developers committed to crafting user-friendly websites that excel in both appearance and functionality.

Our approach to web design and development is comprehensive, taking into account both the aesthetic and psychological facets of the user experience. This ensures that our designs are not only visually appealing from a subjective standpoint but also objectively functional. If you’re in search of an award-winning web design agency capable of delivering bespoke solutions that genuinely distinguish your business, your search ends with Brand Vision.

UX/UI Research

Our designs guide website visitors through essential information, encouraging them to explore crucial content and ultimately directing them toward achieving the conversion goal of the website.

Fast Delivery

The quality of your website is paramount, and so is the speed at which we can deliver a new and enhanced website. We do not queue projects; rather, we only accept new projects when a complete team is available to undertake them.

Fully Optimized

Takver Corporation acknowledges the significance of ensuring that your website is responsive on various devices and screen sizes. We guarantee that both the content and design of your website are optimally presented across all screens.

More Support

Takver Corporation assists our clients in choosing and configuring the optimal hosting platform for their websites. We offer recommendations and detailed instructions on how to execute this crucial step in the website development process.

Crafting creative solutions to ensure you have the perfect website.

As a prominent web design and development agency in Lagos, Takver Corporation boasts a team of highly seasoned professional web designers and developers renowned for their expertise in transforming website designs into vibrant realities throughout the development phase. 

Our developers possess profound knowledge of the technical intricacies of web development, showcasing adeptness across various platforms to ensure optimal functionality and responsiveness for your website.

In the realm of website development, we espouse a collaborative approach, engaging closely with our clients to actualize their goals and visions for the project. 

We invest time in comprehending the unique requirements of each endeavor, collaborating with clients to explore diverse solutions and directions. Being a Lagos-based website development agency, our commitment lies in delivering top-tier products that instill pride in our clients. 

We actively encourage clients to play an integral role in the development process by providing feedback and suggestions, fostering a constructive and collaborative environment.

Our Mission

At Takver Corporation, we aim to stand out as the leading web design agency in Lagos, committed to crafting personalized and inventive web design and development solutions. We are dedicated to comprehending and meeting the distinct requirements of our clients, translating their ideas into powerful marketing assets. Our dedication goes beyond web design, encompassing UX design, web development, and SEO to guarantee success in the digital landscape.

Our Web Design and Development Process


During the Discovery phase of web design, we delve into comprehending your business objectives and the requirements of your target audience. Our approach incorporates specialized research, team discussions, and an analysis of your competitors to pinpoint your distinctive strengths. Employing UX research techniques such as interviews and surveys, we create a user-centric web design to enhance the overall user experience.


In the design phase, we will actualize the vision for your website. Drawing upon the insights gained during Discovery, our team customizes designs to mirror your brand and cater to the specific needs of your web design audience. Prioritizing visually appealing, user-friendly, and responsive layouts across various devices, we provide design mockups for your feedback, ensuring continuous refinement until it aligns seamlessly with your web design vision.


During the Development phase of web design, we convert approved designs into a fully functional website, employing cutting-edge technology and adhering to coding standards that prioritize speed, security, and accessibility. We conduct thorough testing to ensure optimal performance across a range of devices and browsers. Additionally, we integrate tools such as CMS and e-commerce platforms to enhance the overall functionality of the website.


During the Finalization phase of web design and development, we meticulously refine the website through quality assurance and user testing, eliminating any errors. Once we confirm top-notch quality, we optimize the site for search engines, set up hosting, bolster security measures, and furnish comprehensive documentation.

Following the launch, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure a dynamic and resilient digital presence.


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